Is it collocate or Colocate?

Is it collocate or Colocate? If there’s no preference, go with “colocate,” the most common spelling in standard dictionaries. You didn’t ask, but dictionaries say “colocate” and “co-locate” are pronounced coh-LOW-cate, while the older “collocate” is pronounced CAHL-uh-cate.

What does colocation mean? Definition of colocate

: to locate (two or more things) together or be located together: such as. a transitive : to cause (two or more things) to be in the same place or close together They [fog signals] are usually co-located with another form of aid such as a light … —

What is the example of co-location? I need to make the bed every day. My son does his homework after dinner.

What does Copresent mean? : to present (something) together Sharon Horvath and Andy Pike … will copresent a session on how congregations can establish a green ministry …—

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What is the meaning OFCO?

1 : with : together : joint : jointly coexist coheir. 2 : in or to the same degree coextensive. 3a : one that is associated in an action with another : fellow : partner coauthor coworker.

What is another word for presenter?

What is another word for presenter?
master of ceremonies emcee
host announcer
compere moderator
ringmaster speaker
toastmaster chair

What is Copresence sociology?

Copresence, the idea that the presence of other actors shapes individual behavior, links macro- and micro-theorizing about social interaction. Traditionally, scholars have focused on the physical proximity of other people, assuming copresence to be a given, objective condition.

Is co presenter hyphenated?

Neither does coauthor, coeditor or coequal. Newspaper types see the prefix “co-” differently. “Retain the hyphen when forming nouns, adjectives and verbs that indicate occupation or status,” the Associated Press Stylebook advises, with examples that include co-author, co-defendant, co-host, co-star and co-worker.

Does coworker have a hyphen?

No, what we’re dealing with here are words that have multiple correct spellings—unless you have to follow a certain style manual. This is the case with co-worker and coworker. You can hyphenate this compound word if you’d like, or you can write it as a single, unhyphenated word.

Is co present a word?

Copresent definition

Present along with others. To present along with others.

How do you spell coeditor?

a person who cooperates or collaborates as editor with another.

What’s another word for editor?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for editor, like: blue-penciler, rewriter, proofreader, deskman, lexicographer, redactor, reader, columnist, newspaperman, rewrite man and publisher.

What is a synonym for editor?

synonyms for editor
  • copyholder.
  • copyreader.
  • deskman.
  • newspaperman.
  • newspaperwoman.
  • proofreader.
  • reviser.
  • rewriter.

Should editor in chief be hyphenated?

“Editor in chief: Follow the style of the publication, but in general, no hyphens. Capitalize when used as a formal title before a name.”

Is editor-in-chief correct?

noun, plural editors in chief. the policy-making executive or principal editor of a publishing house, publication, etc.

How do you use chief in editor in a sentence?

1. The editor in chief embroidered the original story beyond recognition. 2. He angles his reports to please his editor in chief.

What is the difference between editor and editor-in-chief?

The editor in chief is the top editor at a newspaper or magazine. Sometimes her title is executive editor, but the role is the same. The editor in chief is ultimately responsible for the final product the company produces.

What is the highest position at a magazine?


Also known as the executive editor, the Editor-in-chief is the top editorial position at a magazine. This position is responsible for overseeing the vision for the publication and for managing the entire staff.

What is the highest position in a newspaper?

The editor-in-chief heads all departments of the organization and is held accountable for delegating tasks to staff members and managing them. The term is often used at newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and television news programs.

Do editors make a lot of money?

The average income for an editor has reached $69,480 as of May 2018, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics.

What degree do you need to be an editor?

College degrees: Most editors have at least a bachelor’s degree, usually in English, communications, or journalism. Some have graduate degrees, but it’s not a requirement. More important than the specifics of your education are a passion for reading and an aptitude for editing.

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