What is a colo Internet?

What is a colo Internet? A Colo is space provided in a data center for servers and equipment that can directly connect to Internet network backbones. Colo is used by businesses to provide reliable, secure, redundant, Internet connectivity and space for websites, applications, and important data.

What does colo mean in Latin? From Old Portuguese colo, from Latin collum (“neck”).

What team is colo colo? 


What country is colo colo? 


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What is Colo short for?

Acronym Definition
Colo Colorado (old style state abbreviation)
Colo Co-Location
Colo Columbus, Ohio
Colo Colonial National Historic Park (US National Park Service)

What is the meaning of Colo Colo?

colocolo (plural colocolos) Leopardus colocolo, a small striped cat native to western central South America. synonym ▲ Synonym: pampas cat.

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