What is a server cage?

What is a server cage? WireCrafters Server Cages allow side by side storage of server racks without wasting space while maintaining individual or multiple-rack security, and secured access. Server cages are an economical, modular option to your network security issues.

What is a Data cage? Eaton data center cages are designed to support requirements to subdivide areas within colocation data centers and to provide higher levels of security in server rooms and data centers. The rugged steel cage construction ensures structural integrity and durability.

What is a colocation cage? Colocation Cages are computer security cages that accommodate a wide range of IT equipment such as mainframes, storage arrays and networking gear within the colo environment. These build-to-suit cages are specially designed to meet the specific power and space requirements the customer’s infrastructure requires.

What is a security cage? Also known as tool cribs, security cages provide protected, enclosed areas for work or storage inside a facility. They also limit access to valuable tools, products, and equipment in stockrooms, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

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